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Kaohsiung and Taipei, 6th - 14th August 2014

This is probably my 4th or 5th time flying to Taiwan. The last time was only in January to join Juste Debout Taiwan. This time round, I wanted to visit Kaohsiung as I haven't done so since 2011. Hence I decided to go Kaohsiung for a few days to visit some old friends and to join South Side Session 7.
This was some photos taken at South Side Session 7.  Thank you Smile from KFC (Kaohsiung Funky Crew) and Yu-Chin Mike for the awesome pictures!

Since I was already there, I've decided to join the Waacking category on top of Locking. I honestly never practice much on my waacking. So I didn't know how I was supposed to feel when I managed to battle my way to the Semifinals (Top 4). For locking, I only got to the Top 38 auditions. Actually I should be proud of myself because there were 100+++ auditionees for each category. And at least I got to experience battling in quite a big and well-known event in Taiwan. Even though it was through waacking. >.< Here is the video of m…

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